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Quality, Healthy Thai Food
Who says Healthy Thai Food would not taste good?

At Soi Aroy, our broth are boiled for more than 12 hours to get a collagen texture, without added processed stock. Thai food at Soi Aroy will be slightly different from others as our recipes originates from Chef Teesood’s belief that Yummy Thai Food can also be healthy.

Grilled Pork Cheeks – 24-hour seasoned Pork Cheeks grilled to perfection and torched before serving to caramelize the fats for better aroma.

Premium Tom Yum – As authentic as it gets! Combine Thick Collagen Chicken Broth with Freshwater Prawns and herbs directly imported from Thailand. A winning recipe and definitely one of the most legit in town.

Basil Pork – Feedback by many as the Best Basil Pork in Singapore! Prepared with daily fresh minced pork with Chef Teesood special recipe sauce. Sweet, juicy and leaves an unforgettable after taste that will definitely draw you back!

         Drinks are part of the whole Thai Culture as well! Complete the meal with our Signature Thai Ice Tea or Aurora Cooler!

Ever tried Thai Ice Tea pulled instead of boiled? Every single glass of Thai Iced Tea is pulled to perfection to enhance the tea aroma and formulated with an additional touch of creaminess for a fuller experience.

Our Aurora Cooler is none other than our special concoction of Butterfly Blue Pea, Calamansi and Soda. It is “Dangerously Refreshing” and definitely a taste unique only to Soi Aroy. We even have a Signature Alcohol version of it!

Soi Aroy #1 Ranked Thai Restaurant in Singapore on TripAdvisor. Experience our extended menu with new signatures in a comfortable modern environment that exudes a little charm of Thailand.

About Us


Mai Mao Mai Kaban! A Thai dinner should come with some Thai Beer and Soi Aroy Cocktails! We have a variety of Thai Beers, Spirits, Wines and special Thai Cocktails to enjoy thru the night!
Signature Aurora Breezer is an alcohol version adapted from our popular Aurora Cooler. Top up the “Dangerously Refreshing” with Gin and Whisky and you get a “Dangerous Punch” to it, without even feeling the alcohol as it blends so well with the drink!

Eat Like a Thai, Drink like a Thai! Mai Mao Mai Kaban (Don’t go home before you are drunk!) Try out our special Highball drinks with a Thai twist!(Thai beer) It adds a whole refreshing taste to our special highball series and yep, it hits the spot easier!!!


Quality Healthy delicious Thai food



The perfect




Our restaurant offers a variety of spiciness, the way you like it!

Super Thai Level 🌶🌶🌶

For those in the mood to experience what Super Thai is all about! Hot, Spicy, Shiok!

Thai Level 🌶🌶

Original. As original as you can get closest to Bangkok’s Taste! 🇹🇭

Local Level 🌶

Reduced spiciness for those that like Thai Food, going easy on the tongue and tummy!

Zero ❌

Can’t take any spicy?🙅‍♂️

Please check with our service crew and we can recommend the dishes which can be done non-spicy.

So what is your level of spiciness? 🌶 😉